Noona Ya Business Podcast

Ep 40: Thankful For…

November 21, 2018

Welcome to Noona Ya Business podcast, episode 40 “Thankful For…” with your hosts Becca and Megan.
In the spirit of Thanksgiving, today we’re going over a list of things we’re thankful for. From Kpop + Kdramas to airport fashion photos, we cover a wide range of topics.
We also give some details on our BTS book club, announce a surprise 10K giveaway winner,  and discuss what Thanksgiving foods BTS members would be. All I can say is “Please, pass the gravy…” 
That’s what you’re in for today on Noona Ya Business. 


✌🏻   L E T ' S   C O N N E C T 
🎧  L I S T E N
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